In Store Pick Up Information

First off, instructions on how to use our sites In Store Pick Up:

When you are done picking the items you want simply go to the cart and check out normally.

On the information page, (after hitting the black check out button on the cart page) you will enter your email or phone number.

Next you can either enter your personal shipping address for future use, or fill with the following address: Blue 185 Mulberry Street NY, NY USA 10012 (THIS IS THE ADDRESS YOU WILL PICK UP YOUR STUFF!)

After this you can hit the red continue to shipping method button.

On the next page, simply select In Store Pick Up in the shipping method prompt:

Finally on the next page select your payment method and make sure you put in your own billing information in the last prompt:

After you complete your order, please bring an ID, or your phone with either the phone number you ordered with or the email confirmation for your order.

We will not ship In Store Pick Up orders, you must pick them up in store. If you picked In Store Pick Up, by mistake, please email us at or use our contact form