About Us

Born and raised in the heart of downtown Manhattan, I’ve always been in the eye of the fashion storm that is this city. But here’s the thing: for all the unique and vibrant individuals who call this city home, there is an overwhelming tendency towards monochrome—little black dresses, all black everything. Let’s abandon that. Let’s give ourselves permission for our clothes to be as alive as we are! Bold patterns, bright colors, and above all, fearless self-expression. It’s the spirit of this city, a spirit that could not survive if it weren’t present in all of our friends who call this beautifully chaotic place home. Let’s wear it on our sleeves!

That’s my mission here at the Kid with the Boombox. It’s what the name represents: that fearless kid (who’s in you, too) who isn’t afraid to blast music on the street, to dance, to be seen, to be. The Kid isn’t one to pull out an earbud on the subway to make sure no one else can hear the music. We don’t even have earbuds here. Boomboxes only, fools.

Okay, maybe not just boomboxes. We also have amazing clothes from unique, up-and-coming brands who share our zest for life. The pieces we sell here are made by passionate people with love and care, all while having a little fun along the way—and we want you to look and feel just as good wearing them!

If you want to find out more about the brands we carry, check out our Brands tab at the top of the page or click here!