Brand and Friends

Atelier Beaurepaire Paris Canal Saint Martin (ABPCSM)

A one-of-a-kind skate and street wear store off Canal St. Martin in Paris with an emphasis on wax fabrics. They design their styles in Paris, sourcing their prints from the Netherlands, Senegal, and Ivory Coast, and all their clothing is handmade in Morocco. They also make t-shirts and hoodies with the finest cotton in Tunisia. But really, these vibrant pieces speak for themselves.

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Bricktown World

Another Parisian based brand, Bricktown World makes high quality silk embroidery pixel art clothing. Now if that sounds like a mouth full, just wait and see what you eyes think. The do collaborations (most notably with Nintendo) and home brewed designs. Some of their projects include Super Mario, dinosaurs, and rocket ships.

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A brand that makes tops with a little attitude. Bending parody law to its furthest extent, they poke fun at popular brands by either mashing up brand logos in unexpected ways (think ‘Hermes’ printed like the Home Depot logo) or using a brand’s iconic font for their own messages. Even their logo is *allegedly* based on the Coca Cola font.

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Data Crew LA

Primarily influenced by hip hop and popular culture, LA-based brand Data Crew makes printed, tongue-in-cheek t-shirts at an affordable price.

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A contemporary label founded and curated by Md Kamruzzaman, the concepts born from their personal memories, merging nostalgic fashion with timeless everyday-wear.

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LEON Prest

The brainchild of Elianne Paley, LEON Prest is a small silk screen printing brand based in NYC, featuring t-shirts and crew necks with whimsical creatures and original designs. They are making their debut at our store in mid-July.

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Meaning ‘little raspberry,’ Malinka draws inspiration for their signature button-downs from the three colors of raspberry: pink, gold, and the classic red. Influenced by the dynamic culture and history of St. Petersburg, the young NYC-based designers behind the brand hope to bring more recognition and appreciation to Russian street wear. Designed in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, and handmade in Andria, Italy.

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The experts in specialty beanies (think water resistant fabric and climate control ski masks), Nuts is a Japan-based brand elevating beanies from simply fashionable to functional.

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A beeswax expert, Keetja Alard constructs hand made candles with more personality than most people.

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Queens native finds beauty in “Rats with Wings.” Rivs’ inspiration is to expose the shimmer found in darkness. Aspiring to inspire individuality in a follower society.

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Unfortunate Portrait

Brought to life by a lawyer who did what we all wish we could do—quit our day jobs—Unfortunate Portrait makes satirical, often pun-based t-shirts, all hand-painted.

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